Interview: Tessa Rose Jackson

This might be awkward, but yes I'm actually writing in English. I usually don’t  never write blog entries in English, because I'm not confident enough with my primary school English, but hey... this time I've got someone special to share with you.
As I mentioned before I did an interview with an awesome artist from Netherland and her name is Tessa Rose Jackson. One day I sat in front of my laptop and clicked through all these music videos on YouTube to find some good songs and guess who I bump into? Yes, Tessa Rose Jackson. When I heard her songs I was like "Heck yeah, that girl knows how to cheer you up with her songs!" and I was addicted to her songs right away!

So, let’s just get right into the interview!

1. Hey Tessa, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about you?
Hi! My name is Tessa Rose Jackson, and I'm a British singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist from Amsterdam. I released my debut-album '(Songs from) the Sandbox' in April of this year (it's available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube.. all the usual!) which I wrote, recorded, and played most of the instruments on! I also make my own artwork, I love illustration and painting. Also, I am a total geek: I have a weak spot for anything Marvel Comics, Xbox, horror movies, Lord of the Ring.. you name it.. 

2. I turned 20 a few weeks ago and I just wanted to ask you a random question: How does it feel to be a “NOT-teenager”? By the way .. *Imaginary 20-year-old high five*
*Imaginary 20-year-old high five right back at ya* 
I wrote a song about it actually, haha! It's on my album, called Twenty Years. I wrote it because when I turned 20, I felt quite odd about the whole not-a-teenager-anymore and not-quite-an-adult thing. I have always felt old for my age, but now suddenly I'm not so sure, haha!

3. Back to the music theme: How did you get into music?
I had piano lessons when I was little, and then when I was 13 I started singing lessons, and I just fell in love! I knew suddenly that this was what I wanted to do, sing and write and perform and everything music. When I was 15 I got accepted to the BRIT School for the Performing Arts in London, and that's when it really all started to fall into place.

4. Do you write your own lyrics and if yes, where do you get all these ideas?
Yes, I do! My lyrics are quite varied as to where they come from. Some songs (Forgive Me, Where the Light Goes) are deeply personal, so the lyrics are actually almost nothing more than my thoughts and feelings at a certain point in my life put down on paper. Sometimes I start with a sentence that I like the sound of, and then I create a story around i. I'm also a massive movie fan, so it happens sometimes that when I see an amazing movie, it will inspire me in my next song.

5. How would you describe your music?
Hmmm.. the hardest question for any musician, haha! I've finally settled on indie-folk-pop. Indie because it has a lo-fi, DIY feel to it, I don't like music to be too polished and cute, I like little fluff-ups and creaks in the recording. Folk because I love vocal harmonies and use them a lot, and most of my songs are written with the guitar, which gives it a folky sound. And pop because I'm a sucker for a great chorus, and I don't like long strung-out middle sections and spacey outro's.. I like short, compact songs that stick!

6. When did you write your first song and what’s the name of it?
Oh dear.. my actual first song? I was 7 and it was called 'My Dreamworld'.. but then in Dutch, so 'Mijn Droomwereld'. I wrote it with my 2 best friends at the time, we had a sort of girl-group and we performed it in front of our whole school wearing ridiculous home-made sparkly outfits.. 

7. I just saw your tour dates and I only see cities from Netherland. Do you think you will tour some day in other European countries like Germany (because I would love to see you live)?
That is the plan, yes! We'd love a tour in other parts, but at the moment we're focussing on the Netherlands for a start. But I'd say: spread the word, and who knows :)

8. You are a multi-instrumentalist, so what instruments can you play exactly?
Mmm let's see.. I started on piano, then guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, mandolin and accordion. Also, I'm a mean shaky-egg player.

9. When and where was your last concert?
My last concert was the day before yesterday, at the 10 year Anniversary of my college, the Pop Department of the Amsterdam Conservatoire. Was so much fun, performing in front of all my fellow students and teachers.

10.  Can you name me some of your favorite artist?
Feist is a huge influence for me. She's such an awesome combination of pop, alternative, folk, feminine but ballsy.. I also love Mumford and Sons, amazing harmonies, and Of Monsters and Men is a recent band that has been rocking my world too!

11. Do you have a favorite song at the moment?
Goodness.. do I? It changes every 5 minutes I think.. but at the moment I'm going to go for World News by Local Natives.

12.  Last but not least, what do you want to say to my readers and your future fans? :D
Haha, well, hello there! I hope my answers sparked your interest, if you'd like to keep in touch, follow my on Facebook (facebook.com/tessarosejackson), Twitter (@tessarosejack), Instagram (tessarosejackson), Youtube (tessarosejacksonmus) and Spotify! So many options! I'd love to hear what you think of my music, so please drop by and send me a message if you like!

Since you know her a little bit better now,
make sure to follow her EVERYWHERE, because she definetly deserve more fans!
I swear to God, Allah, Buddha and Co. ..she will be really BIG someday (not like fat or chubby, but like.. BIG BIG you know? BIG in business? Haha). Now go and follow her ..and love her just like I do!
By the way, thanks for the lovely interview, Tessa and keep going on girl!
See you someday ...in Germany! :D
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